Express tour to Charyn Canyon, Kolsai and Kaindy lakes

14 hours tour


Visit magnificent three places of Almaty region on a comfortable SUV with air conditioning in one day. Kolsai and Kaindy lakes, via Charyn canyon are one of the most beautiful places of Kazakhstan nature. This tour is aimed at people who do not have much time, but there is a great desire to visit the most beautiful places of Almaty region. During the tour you will enjoy the amazing panoramas of the Charyn canyon, Kolsai and Kaindy lakes. Will try traditional Kazakh food. Will shopping at the road market in Baiseit village. Will walk deep into the forest. The tour is only for you and your friends. Your guide will show you the most beautiful places for a great photo and tell about Kazakh history, traditions and culture. Visit all this places with SUVtours. If you respect a safely driving, comfort, and love the nature, this tour for you.

Season: all year round (April-October the best time)

Highlights of the tour: visit a road market in Baiseit village, local home residence and traditional food in Saty village, hiking in Kolsai Lake, amazing view in Kaindy Lake, walk inside the Charyn canyon,


Almaty-Charyn Canyon-Kaindy Lake-Saty Village-Kolsai Lake-Baiseit village-Almaty

Your first stop will be the Charyn canyon, where you will see the sunrise with a cup of hot coffee or tea and enjoy the amazing panorama of the Charyn Canyon. Your guide will show you the most beautiful places for a photo and tell the appearance history of the Charyn Canyon and Charyn National Park. Sunrise is the best time to enjoy this area, because wild locals of the canyon also wake up. You will see many jerboas and birds of prey. You will have time to take a walk and enjoy the beauty of the canyon alone without the noisy tourist groups. Next you visit the youngest and mysterious lake in Kazakhstan. Kaindy Lake enchants with its appearance and color of the water, the flooded forest looks impressive from a panorama. To reach the lake, you will need to walk through the Tien Shan coniferous forest about 30 minutes, where you will be filled with fresh air and will be able to pick berries. Your guide will take you to the lake and tell the story of the origin of this natural wonder of nature. After Kaindy Lake, you will take about 40 minutes along the mountain road to the Saty village, where you can enjoy a traditional homemade lunch at the house of local residents. Also you can see the life of local residents. After lunch you will reach the lake Kolsai. At Lake Kolsai, you can swim a boat or take a horse riding to enjoy the view of this beautiful lake. At the end of the walk you will go to Almaty. On the way, you will stop in the Baiseit village to visit the road market and enjoy the dinner barbecue.

Road length: 600 km 

Approximate schedule:

05-00 departure from your hotel in Almaty
08-00 arrival to Charyn canyon (walking inside canyon, coffee)
10-00 departure Charyn canyon
12-30 arrival to Kaindy lake (walking near the lake)
13-30 departure from Kaindy lake
14-30 arrival to local home residence in Saty village 12 km from Kolsai lake(lunch)

16-00 arrival to Kolsai Lake (walking/horse riding)

18-00 departure from Kolsai Lake (dinner)

22-00 arrival to Almaty

Program can be changed or supplemented according to your desire.



Price per car (max. 6 travelers): 349 USD

Including: car, fuel, driver

Including: SUV, fuel, English speaking guide, meals, tickets to the National Parks, 1.5L of bottled water perperson


  •  1 Traveler -  439 USD

  •  2 Travelers - 239 USD

  •  3 Travelers - 173 USD

  •  4 Travelers - 141 USD

  •  5 Travelers - 121 USD

15B Temiriazev St. 050060 Almaty  

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