Tamgaly Tas and City of Nomads

Day tour


This day tour gives you a wonderful opportunity not only to get acquainted with the most beautiful natural landscapes of the Almaty region, but also plunging into the distant past, to see the petroglyphs of the Tamgaly-Tas and city of Nomads. If you respect a safely driving, comfort, and love the nature, this tour for you.

Season: all year round 

Highlights of the tour:  Unreal beauty landscapes throughout the road, barbecue in the open air, archaeological landscape of Tamgaly Tas, amazing steps views, swimming at Kapchagai Lake.

Almaty-Tamgaly-Tas-City of Nomads-Almaty

Your tour begins with a visit to Tamgaly Tas, an open-air Buddhist sanctuary on the Ili River. Here you can climb over the rocks and find images of the Buddha. The place with cave paintings is very picturesque and will not leave anyone indifferent. You can enjoy the panorama of the Ili River and see on the other side of the river the “city of nomads”, built for the filming of the film “Nomads”. On the way, you will stop at the Kapchagai reservoir and drive through “Kazakh Las Vegas”. 

Road length: 250 km 

Approximate schedule:

08-00 departure from your hotel in Almaty
09-00 arrival to Tamgaly-Tas Petroglyphs
12-00 departure from Tamgaly-Tas Petroglyphs (walking, coffee break)
13-00 arrival to city of Nomads
14-00 departure from city of Nomads
15-00 arrival to Kapchagai Lake (lunch) 
17-00 departure from Kapchagai Lake
18-00 arrival Almaty

Program can be changed or supplemented according to your desire.



Price per car (max. 6 travelers): 179 USD

Including: car, fuel, driver


  •  1 Traveler -   229 USD

  •  2 Travelers - 129 USD

  •  3 Travelers -  97 USD

  •  4 Travelers -  79 USD

  •  5 Travelers -  69 USD

Including: SUV, fuel, English speaking guide, meal, tickets to the National Parks, 1.5L of bottled water perperson

15B Temiriazev St. 050060 Almaty  

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