Nomads Life with camping and Charyn Canyon

2 days


This tour will give you a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the life of nomads and visit the scenic spots of the Almaty region. You perenachite in a tent under the open sky among the wild nature of mountain rivers and a fire. During the tour you will enjoy the amazing panoramas of the Assy Plateau, Red Rocks, Charyn canyon, Charyn River and the Kazakh steppe. Will try traditional Kazakh food.Will see the nomads live. Will shopping at the road market in Baiseit village. Will walk deep into the canyon, depth reach 300 meters. The tour is only for you and your friends. Your guide will show you the most beautiful places for a great photo. Visit small brother of the Grand Canyon with SUVtours. If you respect a safely driving, comfort, and love the nature, this tour for you.

Season: May-September

Highlights of the tour:  Barbecue in open air, relaxation after off-road near Charyn river, Eco Park visiting, walk inside the Charyn canyon, hiking in Charyn canyon, visit a road market in Baiseit village, photo shot Bartogai Lake, driving Assy Plateau, camping in wild nature, fire.


Day 1 : Almaty-Turgen Waterfall-Assy Plateau-Red Rocks

Your tour begins with a meeting with your guide at your hotel. Then you will go to the Turgen gorge, stopping along the road in the national Kazakh bakery, where you will taste the bread. Turgen gorge is an ideal place to enjoy the beaty of the nature. Rich in coniferous and mixed forests, alpine and sub-alpine meadows, lakes and springs, medical herbs and barriers. Then you take hiking to the waterfall “Medvizyi”. Upon your return, you will have lunch in a restaurant and go to the Assy plateau. The plateau is located at heights of 2800-3200 meters. Since ancient times, it is being used as pasture. Scientists found remains of ancient humans, who lived here more then 5000 years ago.You climb to an altitude of 2600 meters above sea level on the mountain serpentine where you will have a coffee break. Then you will be descended to the plateau, where you will see nomads a lot of livestock and yurts. You will drive 40 kilometers off-road and our guide will organize a camping for you in a picturesque place near the river and red rocks. An outdoor barbecue with an open starry sky with will await you.

Road length: 180 km 

Approximate schedule:
07-00 departure from your hotel in Almaty
09-00 arrival to Turgen Waterfall
11-00 lunch at restaurant
12-00 departure from Turgen Gorge
13-30 arrival to Assy Observatory 
14-00 departure from Assy Observatory 
17-00 arrival to red rocks (camping, dinner, fire)

Day 2 : Red Rocks-Bartogai Lake-Charyn Canyon-Almaty

The second day will start with breakfast at the camp. After a short walk on the red rocks, you will go off-road to the Bartogai reservoir. Where you stop for a coffee break and enjoy the view of the mountain reservoir. After you will go to Charyn Canyon. Charyn Canyon is a unique natural monument, stretching for 154km along the banks of Charyn river in south from Almaty. It consist out of sedimentary rocks which are about 12 mln years old. The height of canyon walls can be up to 300 meters. The most interesting tourist place is Valley of Castles, curvy 2-km path through the bottom of canyon will lead you along picturesque mountains, red cliffs and rocks.In the Canyon, your guide will show you the best view points and take you deep into the Charyn Canyon. After 3 km walk you can relax near the Charyn River and have lunch. 
Returning back to parking you will go to Almaty.

Road length: 300 km 

Approximate schedule:
07-00 breakfast (walking red rocks)
09-00 departure from camping
10-30 arrival to Bartogai Lake (coffee break, walking)
12-30 arrival to Charyn canyon (hiking and barbecue inside canyon)
16-30 departure from Charyn canyon
20-00 arrival to Almaty

Program can be changed or supplemented according to your desire.



Price per car (max. 6 travelers): 399 USD

Including: car, fuel, driver

Including: SUV, fuel, English speaking guide, accommodations at camp (all equipment), meals, tickets to the National Parks, 1.5L of bottled water per person per day


  •  1 Traveler -  689 USD

  •  2 Travelers - 369 USD

  •  3 Travelers - 273 USD

  •  4 Travelers - 219 USD

  •  5 Travelers - 197 USD

15B Temiriazev St. 050060 Almaty  

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