Altyn Emel National Park

2 days

Visit the most interesting and mystical places of Almaty region on a comfortable SUV with air conditioning. Unearthly landscape of Aktau white hills and cliff spaced on area of 80m2 will make you feel on another planet, in the middle of nothing. And Singing dune is a natural wonder of the world, which is charming visitor s with its size and secret. You will experience completely untouched wild nature. It is a great place for a dialog with Nature. Powerful and comfortable SUV will ideal option to travel long off-road inside the Altyn Emel National Park. Visit all this places with SUVtours. If you respect a safely driving, comfort, and love the nature, this tour for you.

Season: all year round 

Highlights of the tour: Altyn Emel National park (ascent to the peak of singing dune, hiking and walking in Ak-Tau and Katu-Tau mountains, barbecue in open air, relaxation after off-road near 700-year-old willow, lokal life in Bashi village


Day 1 : Almaty-Kapchagai Lake-Tamgaly Tas-Singing Dune-Basshy village

Your tour begins with a visit to Tamgaly Tas, an open-air Buddhist sanctuary on the Ili River. Here you can climb over the rocks and find images of the Buddha. The place with cave paintings is very picturesque and will not leave anyone indifferent. You can enjoy the panorama of the Ili River and see on the other side of the river the “city of nomads”, built for the filming of the film “Nomads”. Then you will go to the Altyn Emel National Park. On the way, you will stop at the Kapchagai reservoir and drive through “Kazakh Las Vegas”. The road from Almaty to the Altyn Emel National Park, one of such wonderful places and the biggest national natural park in Kazakhstan, takes about 4 hours in total. You will arrive to the Basshy village around 1 pm, where you check in to a hotel and have lunch. After lunch, you will go to Singing Dune, the state landscape nature monument and favorite tourist's sight, off-road for about one hour. At the Singing Dune, your guide will tell you the history of Dune and the legends associated with it. You will can to climb the peak of the Dune to see the sunset with a stunning view of the Ili River and the endless steppe. Then you can slide to the bottom to hear the Dune song. Upon returning to the hotel you will be waited for a delicious dinner and free time.

Road length: 480 km 

Approximate schedule:

07-00 departure from your hotel in Almaty
09-00 arrival to Tamgaly-Tas
10-00 departure from Tamgaly-Tas
13-30 arrival to Basshy village in Altyn Emel National Park (lunch)
14-30 departure from Basshy village
16-00 arrival to Singing Dune in Altyn Emel National Park (hiking to the pick of Singing Dune)
18-00 departure from Singing Dune
19-30 arrival to Basshy village (dinner) 

Day 2: Basshy village-Aktau and Katutau mountains-Basshy village-Almaty

Your second day starts with a hearty breakfast. After you will go, half an hour off-road, to get to The chalk mountains Aktau, the traces of extinct subtropical plants, petrified bones of ancient animals, giant rhinoceros inhabited the Earth 20-50 millions years ago were found in the clefts. In the mountains, you can hike one of three roads of varying difficulty; your guide will select the most convenient option for you. Next you have a snack and go to the Katutau Mountains are the most arid, empty and dark, they differ by their steep slopes and numerous gorges. After dry and hot steppe, you will stop at Seven-hundred years old willow. Five persons joining hands can encompass this tree. The wollow's branches have been bowed down with their own weight, and resemble thick trunks. Where also located a spring in order to wash your face in the shade and go to the city. In Almaty you will be back by about 8 pm

Road length: 360 km 

Approximate schedule:

07-00 breakfast
08-00 departure from Basshy village
09-30 arrival to Ak-Tau mountains in Altyn Emel National Park (walking inside canyon) 
11-30 departure from Ak-Tau mountains
12-00 arrival to Katu-Tau mountains in Altyn Emel National Park (photo shot)
12-30 departure from Katu-Tau mountains
13-45 arrival to 700-year-old willow in Altyn Emel National Park (Lunch)
15-00 departure from 700-year-old willow
20-00 arrival to Almaty

Program can be changed or supplemented according to your desire.



Price per car (max. 6 travelers): 402 USD

Including: car, fuel, driver

Including: SUV, fuel, English speaking guide, accommodations, meals, tickets to the National Parks, 1.5L of bottled water per person per day


  •  1 Traveler -  559 USD

  •  2 Travelers - 295 USD

  •  3 Travelers - 209 USD

  •  4 Travelers - 167 USD

  •  5 Travelers - 142 USD


15B Temiriazev St. 050060 Almaty  

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